About the "It's a Crazy World Radio Show"

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The concept of the It's a Crazy World Talk Show was born the day Cynthia met Rob Ekno at a meeting.  Cynthia overheard Rob speaking to some people at the meeting regarding a couple of projects he was working on, and she approached him to offer her support.  That day Rob saw Cynthia's desire and willingness to help other business owners, and introduced Cynthia to the owner of Indie104, Mark Maverick.  Mark and Cynthia immediately began discussing the possibility of putting a show on the air designed to reach out to artists and entrepreneurs.

Cynthia's first show on Indie 104 was called the Highway 2 Success Show.  It focused on giving independent musicians the tools and training that they needed to succeed in their music business.  However, as she talked with independent musicians all around the world, she realized that they were really missing something more than just needing someone to help them learn the business aspects of being a performing artist.  they needed someone who really understood them and the industry.  They needed someone that could help them get through all the nuances of being in the music industry.  They needed someone who understood the unique difficulties that artists deal with on a regular basis.  After spending years talking to and supporting artists, she realized how much of an impact it had on her and those she was coaching,  She realized how fulfilling it was, and decided that she had found her calling.  So she decided to change her whole approach.

Cynthia has now renamed her show "It's a Crazy World" and is focusing on talking about all the craziness of the music industry - and there is a lot of it!  Artists discuss their unique experiences, how they got through them, how they kept their vision, and how they learned from them.

As a woman who understands artists and the music industry, and who has a real passion for helping artists succeed, Cynthia's hope is that this show will offer guidance and encouragement to young artists who are learning how to juggle life, relationships, and their music career as they make their goals and aspirations a reality. 

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