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I have a passion for business, music, and helping my clients find success.  I have been involved in both business and the music industry for over three decades.  As a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit myself, I have always enjoyed helping others to become successful.  "Being part of someone else's success is the most fulfilling thing I can do in life!", is something people hear me say frequently.  As the owner of Success With McIntosh, I have worked with artists and entrepreneurs, helping them to achieve their dreams through management, marketing, and training.

I have now devoted my career to coaching performing artists who are ready to take their dreams to the next level.  Understanding that this effects every area of an artist's life, I am able - through success coaching - to support  them as they work through the adjustments of juggling and prioritizing their personal lives, their careers, and their relationships.

I am completely dedicated to the success of those I work with, believe in them, and I focus on giving them a safe and honest place to discuss the decisions that they are making for the future ahead of them, and I look forward to changing the world, one client at a time!

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